Hello and welcome to my new blog.

I should start by saying that I’ve been a serial entrepreneur all my life. My brain only focuses on one thing… how to make a buck.

This has been a blessing and a curse!

So now that you know my dirty little secret, I wanted to tell you a little bit about my internet marketing journey… some successes, some failures… maybe you can relate.

I chuckle now but it started with a “how to build a website” for dummies book. I learned the most basic HTML programming. That is to say that I didn’t make it too far past the “hello world” lesson.

My first website was literally a bunch of banner ads all over the page. It still surprises me that so many people would click on those banners.

One of the best things I did back then was to join the Warrior Forum. It was much different back then on the original platform. Allen Says was the owner. He updated the forum platform and turned the Warrior Special Offer section into a multi million dollar market place.  Those were the days… haha!

Now that Allen has sold the forum, it has significantly changed and many of the original gurus are long gone but I’d still recommend it to anyone in the internet marketing niche.

My first serious attempt to make money online was eBay. It was good and I made a few thousand dollars. I initially used it as an online garage sale but I soon ran out of products to sell.

At one point, I bought a wholesale lot of Herbalife products. That’s was profitable but I soon realized waiting on checks to clear, packing, shipping and daily trips to the post office became too much for me to enjoy.

While the wholesale purchase was profitable… I ended up throwing away a lot of the product that didn’t sell.

My next business venture was freelancing. I enjoyed it and was good at it but it was a lot of work. It was exciting to sell 10 articles but then reality would set in and writing those articles weren’t always easy and the excitement was lost quickly.

If I had it to do all over again, I would have learned to write web copy or email copy and sold sold higher end services.  This would have been much more profitable per transaction and much less competition.  In the article writing niche, there was so much competition and that kept the prices per article pretty low.

Once I realized that most folks were using my articles to build Adsense websites, I stopped freelancing and started creating my own Adsense sites.

There was a really ugly green and black template that was very minimalist to improve clicks. During those days, I wrote a lot of content and built a lot of websites using that ugly template.

At one point I was making $1000/mo from those Adsense clicks.

Then Google changed it’s algorithm.

And my search engine rankings dropped.

And I lost that entire income source… (ouch!)

I sold a few of those websites before the rankings dropped… the most profitable site sold for a whopping $5K. This was huge for me!

Note:  Don’t let this example deter you from building a website that relies heavily on Google for free organic traffic.  However, just make sure that you do everything white hat.  I definitely went gray hat, which means I was a little shady… used robots and automated tools to gain backlinks (among other things).  This is what caused my problems.  If you keep everything natural, you won’t have any problems.

After being burned by Googles algorithm change, I moved on to Warrior Special Offers (WSOs) but unfortunately those days were before all the affiliate opportunities such as Warrior+ and JV Zoo.

WSOs were profitable but unfortunately I didn’t use the platform properly to build a real business. I sold each product separately, with no up-sells, never built a list… really nothing. At the time, I was happy with the one time sales…

Ugh…very short sighted.

It pains me to type this part but I have to be honest. I liked WSOs so much that I started buying (not selling) everything that looked interesting.

I would buy a course to learn PHP programming or graphic design… knowing full well that I would never do it.

It was as if buying products gave me an adrenaline high or something. I literally bought hundreds of shiny objects.

Who knows, many of them may have worked… but nothing works if you don’t take action and use it.

At one point, I realized how much I was spending and I was disgusted. Not only at the money wasted… but the fact that I just downloaded the products and allowed them to create digital dust on my hard drive.

At that point, I got fed up and decide to give up on internet marketing.

As I write this post, it’s been 6 years since I’ve done anything online but I’m back now and more excited and motivated than ever get start over.

But this time, I’m doing something different.

This time, I’ve invested in a coach! I know that I need someone who can not only teach me but also keep me focused and hold me accountable.

I want to keep things simple. I’ll do exactly what my coach tells me and ONLY what my coach tells me.

I had a severe case of Shiny Object Syndrome before… so that’s the one thing I want to prevent in the future.

This post has turned out much longer that I had planned so I’ll end by saying that I do plan to detail (journal) my actions on this blog. I’ll let you know what is working… what’s not… and even my monthly profit.

I hope you’ll come back often to see my progress!

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

David Brewer