For the vast majority of my internet marketing career, I’ve suffered from a REALLY BAD case of Shiny Object Syndrome. When I think back over those times, I get disgusted with myself.

Sure, throwing money down the drain is pretty stupid but it’s not even what pisses me off the most.

Wanna know why Shiny Object Syndrome causes me to lose sleep at night?

Because the whole time I was wasting a ton of money… I was also wasting valuable time!

Time that I wasn’t making progress on my own goals.

Time that I was not focused and trying to build a real business that will take care of my family.

Time that I will never get back and almost caused me to quit internet marketing all together.

Shiny Object Syndrome literally stopped all progress towards my goals.

Sad. Very Sad.

I hope this is not the case for you but it does seem like most new marketers come down with this nasty disease at some point. We chase the get rich quick ideas. We chase the easy button. And after a while it snowballs.

We justify our actions by saying that it is helping us build our business. Even though we know we aren’t using the products and that we are just lying to ourselves.

For me, I was buying every product on the planet. I was visiting the WSO section many times per day.

I was literally getting an adrenalin high from buying. Very sad but very true!

So what did I do to stop the addiction?

Did I unsubscribe from all marketers emails? Did I drop IM all together? Did I block my access to the Warrior Forum? Did I use some Jedi Master straight-up will power techniques?


For me I had to hire a coach.

I hired the best coach I could afford. One who had a strict and daily to-do list of things for me to accomplish. I personally only have an hour or two per day to spend on my business and my coach fills that time with productive, step-by-step instructions.

I honestly just don’t have the time to read sales letters or watch any more webinars. I am just doing by best to keep up with my daily task.

It’s that simple.

Bottom line for me now… I’m “all in” on building my business and feel like I have the best coach to help me achieve my goals.

I assumed that I would be told to mass delete all incoming marketing messages in my inbox.

That was not the case.

Yes, I do delete most but I save the very best so that I can model those email marketing techniques in my own business.

I’m embarrassed to say but I have essentially recouped the money I paid on coaching just in what I did NOT spend on the latest shiny objects.

And the money saved isn’t even the best part.

By staying far away from all the shiny objects, I now have more of a “business” than I have ever had in the past.

No more easy button and gimmicks that only work in the short term.

I know have more of a real business that I have ever had in the past.

I have a blog. I’m building an email list. I’m creating products. I’m selling other people’s products. And… I’m helping others do the same thing.

And guess what… it’s working!

If my struggles with shiny objects resonate with you or if I can help you with anything in your Internet Marketing journey, please post a comment below.


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