After 20 years of “tinkering” online, why am I getting so serious about making money now?


I am a military guy and will be retiring in a couple of years.  I’ve loved everything about my time in the military but my goal… my passion in life… has always been to own my own business and work for myself.

I remember when I joined.   I knew that I wanted to go to college but also knew that I wasn’t mature enough to be successful in college.  So I actually joined for a few reasons; to grow up, to mature, and to earn some college benefits.

I had no experience with the military but trusted my recruiter (foolish, I know).  After 4 years of service, Texas had a program to pay for 100% college tuition… that sounded great!

My plan was to do the minimum tour (4 years), then separate and go to college.  Well life got in the way and that didn’t happen.

The Air Force is smart and they sent me to Australia just before my enlistment was over!

So at the 4 year mark, I could either separate and go back to podunk Texas or I could re-enlist and extend for another tour in Australia.

As you can image, it wasn’t a hard decision.

Yes, I reenlisted…

By the time I was getting close to the 8 year mark, I had another decision to make… should I stay or should I go?

It was an easier decision this time because I was married with my first child and planning for our second.  There are many amazing things about the military but one of the best is the medical.

True story… my wife and I have three kids and their birth cost me a total of $17 dollars out of pocket!


Granted, they sure cost me a lot in the years following.

So there is a general consensus among military members that once you cross the 10 year mark… you might as well stay for the full 20 to get the retirement benefits plus your are still being young enough have a full second career.

After making the decision to stay until retirement, I remember changing my goal to doing the absolute minimum requirement… 20 years… and then retiring.

This made the most sense for my family and by retiring at 20 years, that meant I could move on to my life-long goal of business ownership… while still being 38 years young.

So that was the new plan… 20 years.  It was a great plan and my family loved the Air Force.  I’ve worked hard and have been proactive with my career… and have been rewarded.

The Air Force has sent us to some amazing places to include 3 years in Australia, 3 years in Germany, 4 years in Qatar, and just starting a 3 year tour in Guam.

Yes, we’ve had a few stateside assignments mixed in as well… California, Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma and Maryland.  We always wanted our kids to experience as many different places and cultures as possible so we greatly preferred being overseas.

So guess what happened when the 20 year mark rolled around?  Think I stuck to my original plan to retire?

Nope, negative, not a chance… haha!

27 years later and we’re still loving everything the military and the opportunities that it has provided my family.

That being said, I do anticipate retiring in the next few years and look forward to transitioning to the next chapter of life.  I look forward to the opportunity to start my own business and work for myself.

Recently I met a fellow Air Force veteran who has done exactly what I want to do… move from uniform to an internet based business, working from home… or anywhere he wants, really.

I appreciated meeting him because, his story was similar to mine (read my internet marketing story here).  He’s walked the walk in internet marketing and he referred me to the same coaching program that allowed him to make it all happen.

He’s extremely successful at what he does and it affords him and his family a great life.

I plan to tell you all about both of them in future posts and look forward to keeping you updated on my success.

Please share your story below and let me know what motivates you!?

To our success!


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